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Twice a month Lisa brings you the latest in business growth, productivity, and know how to catapult viewers into more confidence, more clients, and more cash in their business. Plus the latest data on what is working on the forefront of business with Lisa’s quirky way of delivering the information.

Bi-Monthly Episodes Cover

  • Getting Rapid Business Results
  • Growing Your Bottom line
  • Work Less Make More
  • Mindset in Business
  • Best Tools for Business
  • Increase Your Confidence as the Business Owner
  • Leadership
  • Productivity

Benefits to Sponsor

    Niche Targeted Audience
  • Reach business owners and entrepreneurs looking for advice and information
  • Reach business owners and entrepreneurs online, on iPads, on TVs, on Tablets, etc
  • Viewers, followers, and friends are gathered through Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, ads, articles, YouTube, a multitude of social media and personal contacts. (Over 13K people are reached per episode)

Sponsorship: Money, Time & Return

1. Full Show Sponsorship Rates for BizOnYourTerms.TV – Q4 – 2012

  • On-screen branding at the beginning and end of each show; 8 sponsorship tags total.
  • One live (:60 reads) in between show segments
  • Inclusion of sponsor name in weekly social media outreach campaign through Twitter and Facebook including show promotion status updates from Lisa Peck’s account which will be titled “BizOnYourTerms.TV brought to you by sponsor….”
  • This branding is integrated within the programming segments; this provides an attentive audience for your sponsor message within the body of the program.
  • Full show sponsorship package – $500 per episode

2. Spot Rates for BizOnYourTerms.TV – Q4 – 2012

  • Recorded spot to run in commercial break – $100 per spot
  • Live read to run as first position going into break – $250

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Sponsorship Opportunity

Biz On Your Terms TV shows business owners and entrepreneurs fast and effective ways to grow successful businesses, doing do in their own way. The show gives juicy tips on business productivity, cultivating a winner’s mindset, and how to get more clients, confidence, and cash faster and more consistently.

About Lisa

Lisa, a mother of 8, author of 20 books, former radio show host, knows how to get things done and not let excuses or obstacles get in the way of getting results. Her kick butt attitude creates a fun, entertaining and educational web TV show.

Interesting Facts about Lisa

  • *In spite of being diagnosed with dyslexia at age 11, Lisa is the author of 20 books including the popular business book: Step It Up or Get Out of the Way: Rapid Business Results on Your Terms
  • *Executive producer of the Heartland Award-winning film for Cowboys and Angels
  • *Popular guest on TV and radio shows

Show Details:

*Show Name: Biz on Your Terms .TV

*Host: Lisa J Peck

*Length: 3-5 minutes

*Delivery: 2 x’s monthly

*Target Audience: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

*Gender: 75.7% female, 24.3% male

*Age: 35-65 Greatest number of viewers 45-54 range (62%)

*Target Markets: English speaking countries

Reach & Distribution

The show is distributed online on video sharing sites like YouTube and It is syndicated as a video podcast on iTunes. It is syndicated on Roku, Boxee and Samsung for TVs. It is syndicated on the Buzz and Biz Roku Channel and App available on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Besides distribution channels, the show is promoted to:

  • Facebook: 2,000+ people
  • Twitter: 9,000+ followers
  • Weekly Newsletter: 1000+ subscribers
  • LinkedIn: 500 +

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